Steve Jobs Introducing The First Ever Apple Retail Store In 2001

Check out this video from 10 years ago in which a much younger-looking Steve Jobs gives a video tour of the first store in Tyson’s Corner, VA six days before the grand opening. The video was presented to an enthusiastic crowd at WWDC 2001.

It’s amazing to see how the Apple Store concept has evolved within a decade. In the video, Jobs shows off the huge black shelves that used to dominate the center of the store, covered with rows of boxes of Mac applications. Those, of course, have disappeared with the advent of the App Stores. Jobs also notes that they’ll be selling third-party hardware, including digital video and still cameras, MP3 players (the camera lingers for a moment on a Creative Labs Nomad), and PDAs that have since been replaced by the ubiquitous iPod and iPhone.

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