blurppy: A Blog Worth Checking Out!

My best friend Don Thompson has finally entered the blogosphere with his contribution to all things cool – blurppy.

Don describes his spanking new shiny website as follows:

“Regurgitating bits and pieces of random web encounters with gadgets, movies, music, events, books, artists and all things with a WTH? or a oooh factor to them.”

Check out the site HERE and please bookmark it as it’s updated frequently with a plethora of provoking posts!

Published by Larry Fire

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2 thoughts on “blurppy: A Blog Worth Checking Out!

  1. I recently rediscovered firewireblog and am not really surprised to find blurppy referenced here. I have been following blurppy since 2012 when I featured the site in “The Spotlight” on I only today shone the Spotlight on FireWire – I am surprised to discover (via this post) that you guys are friends… well, great minds… I will be happy to be double teamed in my pop culture connection.

    So… FireWire recommends Blurppy… I knew I liked this place 😀

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