007 & Bentley Present the Carte Blanche Special Edition Book

To honor the release of Carte Blanche, Hodder and Bentley have partnered to create the exclusive Bentley Special Edition, the ultimate luxury edition of the highly anticipated new James Bond adventure. Each copy of the Special Edition is custom-produced to Bentley’s exacting standards and arrives inside a stunning metal case. The result is a striking and unique collector’s item – an expertly crafted book like no other.

Ian Fleming always admired the stately beauty of the Bentley and, as a result, James Bond owned three over the course of the fourteen original novels. In Carte Blanche, award-winning thriller writer Jeffery Deaver reunites Bond with this classic marque. In this contemporary adventure, the agent will be behind the wheel of the sophisticated new Bentley Continental GT. In Carte Blanche, Bond has been deftly updated for a contemporary setting. As part of his latest assignment, 007 travels to an assortment of exotic modern locations – including his first visit to Dubai.

The Special Edition is limited to 500 copies worldwide at a price of £1,000 ($1,650 US) each.

The Bentley Special Edition arrives encased in a shaped metal box that evokes the signature outline of the new Continental GT. The curve of the book’s distinct case echoes the key feature lines that run through the automobile’s exterior form.

The book is bound in white Nappa leather with a single line of meticulous red stitching around the edges. This is the same outstanding grade of leather that is used in a Bentley’s interior. The title and author’s names are carefully debossed into the front and elegantly foil-blocked on to the spine.

The text is printed in two colors, black and red, on sumptuous ivory paper, with endpapers of a matching red leather. The pages are expertly cut and trimmed to reflect the handcrafted techniques of the Bentley construction process. As with the other details of the Special Edition, the colors are carefully selected from the Bentley range.

Perhaps the Special Edition’s most dramatic feature is the die-cut bullet hole that pierces the book. Inside is carefully placed a single polished bullet, upon which is a number distinct to each copy of the book.

The Special Edition is designed by Brett Boydell. In his ten years at Bentley, Brett has been involved in the interior design of the Bentley Azure, Brooklands and, most recently, the Continental Supersports. He also manages the Bentley Branded Goods studio, where all Bentley-associated products are created.

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