Disney Prepping A TRON: Legacy Sequel

Although there have been rumblings that Disney was prepping a follow-up to TRON: Legacy, it wasn’t a sure-fire bet that we’d see a third chapter. Any speculation can be lifted, however. Disney has hired David DiGilio to pen the next entry. DiGilio’s roots began with Disney; he wrote the 2006 film Eight Below.

With a visual blueprint of the world of TRON already created, the studio will be able to keep the production costs down. DiGilio recently sold a sci-fi pitch to Showtime entitled Last H.O.P.E. (the latter part of that moniker standing for “Hospital on Planet Earth”). He also created the 2007 series Traveler.

No word yet as to when DiGilio needs to have the next TRON completed. It’s also too soon to tell if Joseph Kosinski will be back to direct.

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