When Will Facebook Release An iPad App? Very Soon…

According to the New York Times, Facebook is finally making an official iPad app. While Facebook’s iPhone app has been in the App Store from day one, it’s been a long wait for the iPad version of the popular social networking site.

According to the article, Facebook’s iPad app has been in testing for nearly a year, and Mark Zuckerberg has been closely involved in its development. People familiar with the app’s development say its design is “slick” and well-optimized for the iPad’s screen, and it includes photo/video uploading features tied directly to the iPad 2’s built-in cameras.

Thus far, iPad users unsatisfied with the way Facebook’s site functions on a touchscreen-based device have had to make do with third-party applications. Like the iPhone app, Facebook for iPad will be free. It is expected to debut on the App Store within the next few weeks.

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