Happy Hot Dog Man

I thought this was a joke but it’s an actual product that people apparently need.

According to the infomercial, every meal is an adventure with the Happy Hot Dog Man! The entire family can get in on the fun, as you transform those boring old hot dogs into exciting figures you design… and eat! With ketchup, mustard, pickles or cheese. Turn it into whatever you please, and with endless possibilities, your Happy Hot Dog Man will make you smile again and again.

For a limited time, you’ll get a set of four – two in red, two in yellow – for only $10.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. As an added bonus, you’ll receive the Ketchup Critter and Mustard Monster bottle toppers. Happy Hot Dog Man is not available in stores so you can place your order HERE and have fun playing with your wiener.

Published by Larry Fire

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3 thoughts on “Happy Hot Dog Man

  1. Remember that magical time when your parents would just say eat your food and discourage playing with it. This infomercial is everything that is wrong with our no attention span culture.

    1. Wow. You people sure are cynical. How is there something wrong with being creative with food? ANd Audrie… kindness is not limited or a zero sum game. You can spend frivolously AND be generous. The only reason children are starving is distribution and government. Not because those who have the opportunity to enjoy things do so. C’mon. Enjoy life.

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