Joe Hill’s Next Novel Will Be About Vampires

According to a recent USA Today article, Joe Hill’s next book is described as “a vampire novel in a sideways kind of way.”

The New England based author and son of Stephen King provides his thoughts on the creatures of the night, “Nothing is more tired than the whole idea of the vampire, and I hate sexy vampires,” Hill says. “How did that happen? Sexy vampires are like sexy leeches. Really? REALLY?!”

Hill will be at Comic-Con International this week, where his amazing Locke & Key comic series is up for four Eisner Awards

Joe plans to have the third draft of the new yet to be titled novel written by the end of the year. I for one cannot wait. If you have not read Joe Hill yet, I urge you to do so! Pick up a copy or download his excellent short story collection 20th Century Ghosts or his last two novels Heart Shaped Box and Horns.

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