Superman And Lois Lane Will No Longer Be Married

Superman and Lois Lane haven’t been together forever. When the two characters were introduced in Action Comics #1 over 70 years ago, hard-edged Lois practically refused to give Superman’s nerdy alter ego Clark Kent the time of day. Lois was more interested in Superman: She spent most of her own comic book — Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane — trying to get Superman to marry her by hook or by crook, but the superhero always turned her down. They danced this two-person three-way tango for decades — Clark loved Lois, Lois loved Superman, Superman wanted Lois to love Clark, etc. Then came the ’90s, the Era of Big Changes for Superheroes.

In 1990, the couple got engaged; in 1996, they got married; and so they have remained ever since.

Until now. As part of DC Comics’ companywide reboot, Superman will commence living an exciting life of super-bachelorhood in September, while Lois will be seeing a co-worker.

Please note that Superman and Lois Lane aren’t getting divorced, per se. In this new reality, they will simply have never been together.

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