Stephen King Announces Dates & Cities For 11/22/63 Book Tour

The dates and cities have been determined for the book tour to promote Stephen King’s 11/22/63. Specific details for each venue are still being negotiated but we should have more information within the next few weeks.

November 7th Boston

November 10 & 11 Dallas

November 12 New Orleans

November 14 Sarasota

December 14 Atlanta

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2 thoughts on “Stephen King Announces Dates & Cities For 11/22/63 Book Tour

  1. It’s up to you New York City Sai King. We were very kind at the” Under The Dome” Time’s talks;Yes E. FreemantleAKA Beambounder, Aka Ronald Scott Sippel; PLEASE come to NY and Freak the Forbidden Planet.or 49st Comics. Thanks.

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