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Jawbone Introduces Icon HD Bluetooth Headset & Nerd USB VoIP Accessory

Jawbone has introduced its new Icon HD Bluetooth headset, as well as The Nerd, a USB-based add-on that allows Icon HD users to make VoIP calls from a PC or Mac. The Icon HD features a “wideband” speaker that’s 25 percent larger than the one found in the original Icon for improved sonic performance, NoiseAssassin 2.5 noise cancellation technology, AVRCP play and pause controls, on-screen battery status indication on the iPhone, seven included earbuds for a precise fit, and compatibility with the company’s MyTALK apps, while The Nerd offers plug-and play functionality and compatibility with both Mac and PC. Jawbone’s Icon HD + The Nerd package is available now and sells for $140.


The Onion’s A.V. Club Interviews Comedian Patton Oswalt

Shortly before the arrival of Finest Hour, a new standup album and Showtime special, the comedian/actor/author talks to the Onion’s A.V. Club about how the Internet is changing culture and movies with animal farts. Read the interview HERE.

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Amazing Performance By Young Iraqi Refugee, Emmanuel Kelly On Australia’s The X Factor

Make sure that you have some tissues handy before you watch Emmanuel Kelly’s amazing performance on Australia’s The X Factor.

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Stephen King & Steven Spielberg To Team on Showtime Drama Series, “Under The Dome”

Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are developing a drama series based on King’s 2009 novel Under the Dome. The project, which will be produced by DreamWorks Television, revolves around Maine townspeople who battle each other when a force field surrounds their community and cuts them off from the remainder of the world.

King will executive produce along with DreamWorks TV’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. No writer is currently attached.

The duo who previously teamed on The Talisman, King and Peter Straub’s fantasy novel The Talisman was developed into a six-part TNT miniseries in 2006 but the project was ultimately cancelled due to budget concerns.

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Download Stephen King’s New eBook “Mile 81” On Thursday September 1, 2011

Mile 81, the 80 page ebook written by Stephen King that also includes an excerpt from the upcoming novel 11/22/63 will be available for download on multiple e-readers on Thursday September 1, 2011.

The ebook synopsis is as follows:

“At Mile 81 on the Maine Turnpike is a boarded up rest stop, a place where high school kids drink and get into the kind of trouble high school kids have always gotten into. It’s the place where Pete Simmons goes when his older brother, who’s supposed to be looking out for him, heads off to the gravel pit to play “paratroopers over the side.”

Pete, armed only with the magnifying glass he got for his tenth birthday, finds a discarded bottle of vodka in the boarded up burger shack and drinks enough to pass out.

Not much later, a mud-covered station wagon (which is strange because there hadn’t been any rain in New England for over a week) veers into the Mile 81 rest area, ignoring the sign that says “closed, no services.” The driver’s door opens but nobody gets out.

Doug Clayton, an insurance man from Bangor, is driving his Prius to a conference in Portland. On the backseat are his briefcase and suitcase and in the passenger bucket is a King James Bible, what Doug calls “the ultimate insurance manual,” but it isn’t going to save Doug when he decides to be the Good Samaritan and help the guy in the broken down wagon. He pulls up behind it, puts on his four-ways, and then notices that the wagon has no plates.

Ten minutes later, Julianne Vernon, pulling a horse trailer, spots the Prius and the wagon, and pulls over. Julianne finds Doug Clayton’s cracked cell phone near the wagon door – and gets too close herself. By the time Pete Simmons wakes up from his vodka nap, there are a half a dozen cars at the Mile 81 rest stop. Two kids – Rachel and Blake Lussier –and one horse named Deedee are the only living left. Unless you maybe count the wagon.”

With the heart of Stand By Me and the genius horror of Christine, Mile 81 is Stephen King unleashing his imagination as he drives past one of those road signs…

Mile 81 will be available for the Apple, Kindle, Nook and Android line of e-readers for $2.99. You can pre-order the book HERE.

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All-TIME 100 Best Nonfiction Books

Politics and war, science and sports, memoir and biography — there’s a great big world of nonfiction books out there just waiting to be read. TIME picked the 100 best and most influential written in English since 1923 and you can read the list HERE.

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THE FIRE WIRE Comic Book Pick of The Week: DC’s Justice League # 1

DC Comics – The New 52 will officially kick off with the midnight release of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League # 1.

“Any time you do something like this,” Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher of DC Comics explained, “there’s always a level of risk. To improve the quality of material, we had to change the look of the characters, make them younger and accessible and bring new sensibilities to our storytelling.”

UGO has compiled a guide to DC Comics – The New 52, which chronicles all the changes being heralded in. Learn about costume redesigns and more here.


7-11 Introduces Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips

7-Eleven, has introduced a new product for their 7-Select line called Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips. Do we really need this product? Have customers been asking for it? Well, the culinary scientists at the 7-11 lab think so.

Inspired by the convenience store’s Big Bite hot dogs, the 400 calorie chips are spiced with ketchup, mustard and relish. Yum!

The hardest decision for customers will be what slurpee choice best accompanies the new frankfurter flavored tater’ crisps, perhaps a Summertime lime?


Disney Pop Vinyl Series II To Be Released This Week At Your Local Disney Store

The first series of Disney’s line of POP! collectibles came out in May 2011, with 12 Disney characters like Stitch, Cruella DeVille, and Pinocchio.

The second series of characters includes Lotso, George Saunderson, Jack Skellington, Sally, a new suit Mr. Incredible, Syndrome, Jessie, Boo, Belle, The Beast, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie. The figures are available at your local Disney Store this week.

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Star Wars: The Blueprints

Star Wars: The Blueprints ($500) brings together for the first time more than 500 photographs and illustrations that show how the Star Wars galaxy was designed, from R2-D2 and the Cantina to the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, accompanied by commentary by J. W. Rinzler and many of the original draftsmen who worked on the designs themselves. More than a simple book, this deluxe 15″ x 18″ tome weighs in at 35 pounds, and is limited to just 5,000 English-language copies, each of which will be hand-numbered.

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