Granta Fall/Winter Issue # 117 To Feature New Stephen King Story, “The Dune”

Granta magazine’s Fall/Winter issue # 117 is devoted to horror and will include a new Stephen King story titled “The Dune.” The 264 page issue available for sale on October 27, 2011 will also feature stories by Roberto Bolaño, Joy Williams, and Don DeLillo, among others.

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4 thoughts on “Granta Fall/Winter Issue # 117 To Feature New Stephen King Story, “The Dune”

  1. blurppy says:

    I would love to get it but I have never seen this mag. Where is it available now that Borders is no more…..

    • Larry Fire says:

      You can usually find it at Independent book stores or at some Barnes and Nobles in the literary magazine section

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Also look for GRANTA in the anthologies sections of some bookstores, as it’s sold as both book and magazine.

  3. frankzubek says:

    Or if your local bookstore does not carry it- step up, be bold and ask them WHY? If they can see that carrying a few copies of something that will SELL in their location will bring in customers I bet they’ll be looking into getting you a copy or two. They are busy too and may not even be aware of Granta (or similar publications that you love) so let them know about it. Listen- Literacy is a team effort that needs to be shared folks.

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