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The folks at modulR have done it again. They have updated their entire line of iPad cases and accessories to compliment the sleek design of the iPad 2.  As you may recall from my previous FIRE WIRE review, the modulR system is not simply a trim hardshell case but an entire accessory system that integrates with the nodes on the back of the case to allow the user to access their iPad in countless locations and in new and different ways. You shared your feedback, and the designers and engineers at modulR listened. The hand, shoulder strap, and Slim Wall Mount have all been redesigned. Here is a brief listing of some of their products as well as an overview of some of the features and benefits of this great system.

The Slim Case ($39.99) has a sturdy and comfortable feel.  It fits snugly around the back and sides of the iPad 2, and allows complete access to all ports and buttons. There is a circular plastic insert that can be removed to display the apple logo on the back or you can keep it attached to have a solid backing. Optional custom personalization of this insert will be available in the future. The case also comes with an adjustable Hand Strap.  The strap allows complete control of your iPad. The case is also Smart Cover compatible.  However, it does not allow the Smart Cover to fold behind the case, as it typically does. A new modulR iPad 2 Cover Stand ($29.99) should be available soon to solve this issue.  It will utilize the nodes on the back of the case to ensure a sturdy stand while also providing screen protection.

The Shoulder Strap Pro ($19.99) is the perfect choice for comfortably and securely carrying your iPad. It also comes with a built in slot in the lower portion of the strap to house a nifty modulR capacitive stylus (also included for a limited time) that works very well and has a great natural feel to the solid and sturdy design.

One of the greatest accessories is the Car Headrest Strap ($19.99).  This strap installs in seconds, and turns your vehicle into a virtual living room.  My 10 year old can attest to how great this strap worked.  He was thrilled to be able to watch his favorite movie while on a recent trip to Boston.  No more “Are we there yet mom?”  A big approval comes from our entire family on this accessory. The strap also comes with a handy bag for easy storage.

When you get this system, you will want to have a Quick Stand ($14.99) in every room.  They have a sleek and modern looking design and come in great colors like white, black, silver and orange.  They hold your iPad in 2 different viewing angles, landscape viewing mode and landscape typing mode.  I use mine for viewing recipes or listening to music while in the kitchen, keeping up with my agenda and calendar in my office, and using it as a clock stand on my bedside table.  The uses in each room are countless.  With these stands, I always have a safe and secure place to view and actually use my iPad.

A more permanent solution for viewing and using your iPad is the Slim Wall Mount ($19.99) or the Utility Mount ($14.99).  The Slim Wall Mount allows you to discretely attach your iPad in both portrait and landscape modes to any wall using the provided adhesive and screw mounting kit. The Utility Mount allows you to attach your iPad to any surface, including your fridge. With your iPad mounted to your fridge you can create a simple grocery list, and never forget the milk again.

With all of the choices of really cool accessories that modulR offers, you will most likely want them all, I know I did.  There are some really great bundle packages that allow you to get just what you want for a great price.  Some packages include: The Anywhere Pack ($69.99) that includes iPad 2 Case, Hand Strap, Slim Wall Mount, Shoulder Strap Pro and Car Headrest Strap. There is also the Startup Pack ($49.99) that comes with: Pad 2 Case, Hand Strap and Slim Wall Mount. I now have a safe and attractive way to attach, view, and utilize my iPad 2.  I am thrilled with all of the terrific ways that the modulR system has helped me to maximize the functionality of my iPad at work, home, or at play. You can learn more about modulR products here. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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