SONY HMZ-T1 Personal HD/3D TV Viewer

The HMZ-T1 Personal HD/3D TV viewer is said to have a unique form-factor that presents a virtual theater experience allowing users to be fully immersed in the action.

To the wearer, the image appears to be displayed on a 150-inch screen, Sony said. It uses miniature 720p OLED screens developed by Sony, that are said to support a high contrast ratio and fast refresh rates, and is “capable of enhanced 3D” presentations.

Sony said the viewer produces “a more natural 3D video experience that is completely free of crosstalk since each eye has its own display.”

The viewer is equally capable with 2D and 3D material and is said to be ideal for video game play as well as movie watching.

The HMZ-T1 head mount display delivers a virtual surround sound experience, using Sony’s proprietary signal processing technology to power the integrated headphones with a simulated 5.1-channel experience.

The Personal 3D Viewer is scheduled to ship to retail in October at a price to be announced.

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