David’s Diary – A David Sedaris iPhone & iPad App

David Sedaris’s brilliantly skewed vision of the world is captured in an entirely new form: six delightfully animated short movies inspired by the author’s diary entries.

Against the backdrop of bold, colorful graphics and music composed especially for this app ($1.99), six stories unfold in David Sedaris’s own voice:

– At a chain hotel near Santa Cruz, perhaps the worst hotel service ever.

– A moment of rare insight into the difference between German and American parenting styles.

– On a plane approaching Michigan, a flight attendant shares the secret of “crop dusting.”

– Pigeons behaving badly prompt a consideration on scatological invective.

– A frost-bitten toe in your cocktail? Welcome to Anchorage!

– How a barn owl in Cheshire, England, made the author think differently about marriage.

You can download the app for your iPhone and iPad HERE.

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