Mike Doyle’s Spooky LEGO Victorian Houses

In his series Abandoned Houses, artist Mike Doyle created these spooky abandoned Victorian houses out of LEGO bricks.

His blog contains quite a bit of information and photos on how he made each of these fantastic pieces. Doyle describes his process,

“Many ask me how I go about planning and building these pieces. Sadly, I tend to be a ‘messy’ planner, so I do not make any blueprints or basic construction drawings. Rather I just get to work. I start by researching photos I find online. Generally, I find a house feel I would like to recreate. I also look for others that have specific moments of deterioration that I find interesting. In this case, I also researched houses that have been smashed by fallen trees. Next, I take a look at other moc’s to see if there are any special techniques I can use based on the subject matter.

Now for the size. I look on the buildings for objects that I would like to recreate with a piece. In this case, the scale was determined by the size of the bricks. One real life brick is almost the same size as a 1 x 2 tile – the 1 x 2 tile being a little bigger, but not by much. From here, I count out the bricks on the building to determine width and height and use rudimentary measuring tools, like a pencil or thumb held up to gauge relative proportions between the real thing and my work. In this way, I can make sure all is on track. I’ve tried plotting everything out on paper and using measurements, but inevitably I mess up somewhere along the line with the numbers and then have to start over again. Thus, I tend to just ‘wing it’.”

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