Finding Nemo Coming Soon To Disney Blu-ray Trailer

Walt Disney Studios has now teased a Blu-ray edition of Pixar’s Finding Nemo. This is the final film that has yet to be transferred to that format.

Finding Nemo is the story of a neurotic clownfish (Albert Brooks, Out of Sight) who teams up a blue tang suffering from short-term memory loss (Ellen DeGeneres, Doctor Dolittle) in order to locate his missing son, Finding Nemo is the studio’s second-highest grossing theatrical feature. It earned $339,714,978 domestically, which is just under Toy Story 3’s domestic gross of $415,004,880.

The minute-long teaser has Brooks and DeGeneres’ characters swimming towards a faint blue light which ultimately turns into a “Disney Blu-ray” graphic. At the end of the clip, title cards read, “Finding Nemo: For the First Time Ever on Disney Blu-ray.”

No further details are known about the disc’s eventual release date or its possible technical and supplementary specifications.

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