Mondo To Release Drew Struzan Poster of Stephen King’s Dark Tower

According to the twitter feeds of those lucky individuals attending the Mondo Mystery Movie tonight in Los Angeles, the popular movie poster company that was featured in the New York Times today will be producing another Drew Struzan poster in the near future. A few weeks ago, Mondo presented a Frankenstein print created by the famous film poster designer.

The subject of the upcoming print will be Stephen King’s The Dark Tower! Mondo will also be releasing a Frank Darabont Director’s series of posters starting with The Mist which will be given to Mystery attendees tonight. Does this mean that a Shawshank Redemption Mondo print could be a reality, I certainly hope so!

Combining my favorite poster company with my favorite author is too much for my brain to handle tonight. I will be eagerly combing the Mondo site for tidbits of information and posting updates here at THE FIRE WIRE. Below is an existing Struzan Dark Tower image to satiate your appetite.

I urge you to follow Mondo on Twitter for future poster and event announcements.

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