Monsters in the Movies Book

Celebrate a century of cinematic nightmares with John Landis! From cinema’s earliest days, being scared out of your wits has always been one of the best reasons for going to the movies. From B-movie bogeymen and outer space oddities to big-budget terrors, Monsters in the Movies ($40) by legendary filmmaker John Landis celebrates the greatest monsters ever to creep, fly, slither, stalk, or rampage across the Silver Screen. Landis also surveys the historical origins of archetypal monsters, such as vampires, zombies, and werewolves, and takes you behind the scenes to discover the secrets of the special-effects wizards who created all those monsters in the movies.

With help from his friends Christopher Lee, Joe Dante, David Cronenberg, Sam Raimi, Guillermo Del Toro, Ray Harryhausen, Rick Baker and John Carpenter, Monsters in the Movies is an extraordinary look at every monster on film from Hollywood’s most accomplished and influential monster makers themselves.

From the very first silent films to today’s blockbusters, the movies have continued to populate our nightmares with fantastic creatures of every shape and size. Each and every monster’s photograph is accompanied with the author’s own fascinating and entertaining insights into its meaning and creation. The book is filled with an astonishing variety of illustrations; movie posters, film stills and photographic portraits, with many startling and never-before-published images.

With chapters on everything from what defines a monster to makeup and special effects, as well as special photo essays on subjects from staking vampires to monsters carrying women, Monsters in the Movies takes a look at everything from A(pes) to Z(ombies). This highly collectible 320 page volume is the perfect book for any budding filmmaker or movie buff.

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