Famed Book Designer Chip Kidd To Pen Batman Graphic Novel, “Batman: Death By Design” To Be Released In 2012

Though best known for countless award-winning book designs, logo designs and book editing projects, Chip Kidd may immediately call to mind a different form of accolade for superhero comic readers: that of Batman fan #1.

For years, Kidd has drawn on his extensive collection of Dark Knight memorabilia for a number of praised book projects including the behind-the-scenes “Batman Animated” book looking into the iconic ’90s animated series, the cultural phenomenon-exploring “Batman Collected” and the recent revelation of Jiro Kuwata’s lost Batman comics amid the Japanese products on display in “Bat-Manga!” But despite brief work on comics such as a backup strip in the “Mythology” coffee table book he did with Alex Ross, Kidd has never actually written a fully fledged Batman comic — until now.

Announced at DC Comics’ Batman panel this past weekend at New York Comic Con, Kidd will team with artist Dave Taylor (“Batman & Superman: World’s Finest”) for a new original graphic novel called “Batman: Death By Design” to be released in 2012. Comic Book Resources News is happy to share an exclusive first interview on the book with Kidd. Below, the writer talks about how film and architectural design of the 1930s influenced the look and story of the book, how he created new foils to fill in the story of the Wayne family’s Gotham legacy and how his first major Batman writing project hopefully won’t be his last. Read more HERE.

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