Introducing TIME’s New iPad App: Populist

In 2005, TIME launched the first of a series of comprehensive culture lists: The 100 Greatest Movies of All-TIME. Compiled by Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel, it named the best films—in their critics’ opinions—made since the magazine was founded in 1923.

In the years since, the magazine’s critics and writers have done the same for fiction, nonfiction, albums and television shows, sifting through the cultural history of more than eight decades to distill what they think is worthwhile, lasting and transcendent.

Today, TIME is launching a free iPad app called TIME Populist. On it, you can access more than 100 of the movie, book, television, music, and video game lists that TIME has compiled over the years, big and small. Looking for the best movie car-chase scenes ever? They’ve got it. Interested in the worst TV spin-offs? It’s there. Want to know what the Top 10 novels of the 2000s were? You can find it on the app!

You can download Populist—here for free. Everyone loves a good list—especially pop culture fanatics, and TIME’s Populist is a perfect recommendation and discovery tool.

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