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Daniel Clowes Looks At Bookstores On This Week’s New Yorker Cover

Daniel Clowes comments on the changing state of book stores on a new cover for The New Yorker. Due to the popularity of and tablet computers, bookstores now have entire areas set up for e-readers, snacks, games, music, t-shirts, etc. and diminishing space for books.

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The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story App For iPad & iPhone

With great power comes great responsibility…When high school student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, he is given sensational abilities that allow him to crawl up walls and leap great distances, just like a spider! But when tragedy strikes Peter’s Uncle Ben, Peter vows to use his newfound abilities for the good of all mankind as Spider-Man!

Be here to experience Peter’s transformation from average teenager into the Amazing Spider-Man! Then help Peter learn to use his new powers, web-swing through the city, and stop crime as the spectacular Spider-Man with this new app designed expressly for the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Featured Highlights of The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story App ($6.99) are as follows:

– Narrated by comic book legend and Spider-Man co-creator Stan “The Man” Lee!
– Interactive story-themed spider-games throughout: Help Peter Parker learn to use his powers—test your strength, swing through the city, use your web-shooters to stop a burglar and much more!
– Secret Spider Hunt to win your very own “No-Prize!”
– Multiple Reading Modes: Read to Me, Read by Myself, Auto-Turn Pages, and Younger Reader Mode
– Action-packed artwork throughout!
– Includes Spidey sound effects and music!

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Ricky Gervais’ Mockumentary Life’s Too Short To Premiere On HBO On Sunday, Feb. 19

Ricky Gervais’ mockumentary Life’s Too Short will premiere on Sunday, Feb. 19 at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.

The new series stars Harry Potter’s Warwick Davis as a fictionalized version of himself as he tries to hustle his way back into the spotlight. Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Sting and Steve Carell are all set to make appearances.


Rolling Stone Magazine Coming To The iPad

Wenner Media is preparing to bring Rolling Stone Magazine and US Weekly to the iPad in 2012. These two magazines will be tablet versions of the print magazine.

Before it kicks off Rolling Stone, Wenner will test the waters with a tablet app about the Beatles. The app will be an enhanced version of Rolling Stone’s The Beatles: The Ultimate Album-by-Album Guide. The print version of the album guide has little-know facts about every track on every Beatle’s album. The digital version will include this treasure trove of information and add both song samples and interviews with the band. It will be available starting December 1st.

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Pascal Garcin’s Spider-Man Collage

French artist Pascal Garcin has lovingly recreated the iconic shape of Spider-Man’s eye using hundreds of pictures of the webslinger to form this collage entitled, “Spider-Eye”.

Click on image to make larger

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Pizza Life Hack of the Day

Learn how to get crispy crust on leftover pizza. This tip guarantees a slice of pie that’s just as good, if not superior to the one you received the night before. No more soggy crust.

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The 2012 Stephen King Library Desk Calendar

Here is the official sales copy from the Book-of-the-Month Club:

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, chances are you avoid pet cemeteries, you have a healthy fear of clowns and when you think of the Man in Black, it isn’t Johnny Cash who comes to mind. But there’s so much more to the Master of Horror, and in our Club exclusive Stephen King Library Desk Calendar 2012, you get to spend a year inside his sinister universe.

Packed with essays, juicy details and fascinating trivia, this year’s calendar is also full of excerpts from all the Dark Tower books, articles from professionals he has influenced and more. Plus, it features quizzes—like Mid-World Word Trivia, which tests your knowledge of High Speech—and notes on the future of the series. This calendar is packed with so much, it’s scary!

The calendar is only available through the Book-of-the-Month Club. The club works as follows: choose 4 books for $1 (plus shipping and processing and applicable taxes) and commit to purchase 4 books at regular Club prices in the next year.

The 128 page spiral bound calendar measures 7.5 x 10.0 x 0.75 inches.

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Rolling Stone’s 2011 Rock & Roll Holiday Gift Guide

Check out Rolling Stone Magazine’s 2011 Rock & Roll Holiday Gift Guide featuring the best audio tech, gadgets, box sets and books for the ultimate music fan.

Here are some of my favorites:

The iVictrola’s steampunk mash-up of high- and low-tech uses the flared brass horns from vintage gramophones to create one-of-a-kind iPad and iPhone docks. They’re so popular that they sold out almost immediately from catalogs like Anthropologie and Design Within Reach. Made-craft is still accepting orders, however, and designer Matt Richmond says Anthropologie should have more by the end of the year. ($650-$1,000,

3ryan Radios turns vintage tube radios into custom-made iPod docks. The tubes convert the digital signals from the iPod into true analog ones, resulting in warmer tones and an old-fashioned listening experience, no matter your genre of music. ($175-$675,

Austria’s Pro-Ject has established a reputation as the go-to maker of affordable audiophile-level turntables. The RM-1.3 adds cutting-edge design to the list of superlatives. ($499,

The Orb Music Player is a no-frills way to stream your music collection to your stereo or any stand-alone audio source with a headphone jack and control it on your smartphone. Works with iTunes, SiriusXM Radio and Pandora. ($70,

The newest iPod Nano is the first to have multitouch screen technology and no click wheel. Larger icons make scrolling and tapping to your favorite music, workout, radio station or clock face even easier. (From $129, Hex Vision’s metal band turns your Nano into a stylish wristwatch. ($70,

The portable SoundLink connects easily to the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablets and laptops. The wireless speaker has a rechargeable battery and handles exceptionally loud volumes considering its compact size. (From $300,

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Drive DVD & Blu-ray Due On January 31, 2012

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced DVD and Blu-ray releases of Drive which stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Bryan Cranston. Each will be available to own from January 31st. The only extra material will be featurettes (“Drive Without A Driver: Entretien Avec Nicolas Winding Refn”, “I Drive”, “Under The Hood”, “Driver and Irene”, “Cut To The Chase”).


A Charlie Brown Christmas Poster By Tom Whalen

It’s no secret that I love Tom Whalen’s prints and frequently post about his wonderful works of whimsical magical art. Tom really captures the essence of his subject matter (usually famous cartoons) with bold geometrical shapes. The final result is instantly recognizable – never under or over produced, simply perfect!

The Los Angeles based poster company, Dark Hall Mansion intrigued me a few months ago when they posted about and released Whalen’s homage to, “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. Needless to say the print sold out immediately. Although I tried to get one, my fingers were not fast enough on my keyboard to order (insert deep regrettable sigh).

Now Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook and Twitter sites have posted a festive holiday cryptic message:

“The Mansion aglow, strewn festively, if somewhat eerily with Christmas lights..from Santa’s bag comes..something special for under your trees..
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” Art by Tom Whalen.

Immediately questions rush through my head, when, how much, how many, when, when?

I will post more information about the print availability, pricing, etc. when it becomes available; until then feast your eyes on this beautifully rendered image that showcases the entire Peanut’s gang and lets us all know what Christmas is truly all about.

Two words…must have!!!

Update on purchasing:

There will be 3 Editions:

450 Standard Edition ($75)
100 Variant Edition ($125)
50 Silver Bells Edition (on metal with Variant image imprinted) ($250) will release all 3 editions Thursday, 12/1/11 at a random morning hour. Please visit them at where on Thurs, 12/1 a specific section of their homepage will direct buyers to a dedicated page for everyone to easily checkout and complete purchases of their “A Charlie Brown Christmas” via Paypal or credit card.

The next day, Friday, 12/2, Dark Hall Mansion will also release all 3 Editions in their Store with Paypal Buy-Now buttons appearing at a random hour that morning for direct checkout.

Standard Edition

Variant Edition

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