Scribner to Publish First Novel from Owen King

Owen King, the son of Stephen King, has signed with his father’s publisher for his first novel, Reenactment. The Simon & Schuster imprint called the book an “epic, comic” work, and will release it in spring 2013. Owen King’s first work, a collection of short stories called We’re All in This Together, was published by Bloomsbury in 2005.

“Reenactment is the story of Sam Dolan, an aspiring filmmaker whose fledgling career takes an unexpected nosedive. Set mostly during Dolan’s post-college years, the novel centers on Dolan’s struggle to escape the trappings of professional disaster, difficult family, and questionable relationships.”

The publication of Reenactment will also add to the growing publishing prowess of the King family. Joe Hill, who’s written two novels and a collection of stories, is also a son of Stephen King.

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