Mattel Exhibit Featuring Disney Pixar Cars Die-cast Vehicles Speeds Into Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.

Celebrating the journey of its Disney Pixar Cars die-cast vehicle collection, Mattel, the #1 toy maker, will unveil a one-of-a-kind exhibit at Los Angeles’ iconic Petersen Automotive Museum beginning November 12, 2011 appropriately titled: From Silver Screen to Die-cast: Disney•Pixar Cars Imagined by Mattel.

Since the launch of the first Cars film in June 2006, Mattel has produced more than 200 million die-cast Cars vehicles featuring more than 500 unique designs that represent the many beloved characters from the films. This special exhibit, that will be part of the Petersen Automotive Museum’s “Hollywood Gallery,” includes a comprehensive collection of the Disney•Pixar Cars die-cast vehicles and gives Cars fans and collectors an entertaining and informative glimpse into the history of Mattel’s blockbuster toy line.

Exhibit highlights include:

– Diorama Movie Scene Recreations Featuring Cars Vehicles: Hundreds of die-cast vehicles representing the many beloved characters from Cars and Cars 2 – from the popular Lightning McQueen and Mater to the big-wheeled Haulers and their corresponding racers. Each display showcases the character’s distinct automobile model and design bringing their personalities and storylines to life.

– Rare and Never-Before-Seen Cars Vehicles: Highlights of some of the most exclusive and never released Cars die-cast vehicles such as the elusive “Apple Car” from the Speedway of the South set, to special collections never released to the general public including Trev Diesel and others. Each display also features the behind-the-scenes stories that make these collectibles so rare.

– Evolution of Cars Die-cast Packaging: Display features the evolution of the Mattel product packaging from the original Cars design introducing fans to Radiator Springs in 2006, to how the franchise’s unique merchandising revolutionized the die-cast packaging category.

– Cars Super Chase Die-cast Collection: For the die-hard collector, a first look at Mattel’s ultra-exclusive 2012 line of die-cast cars that will feature one-time only, limited-run vehicles of very special Cars 2 characters. Display will include first Super Chase vehicle to launch – Flash – inspired by the real-life race car driver exclusively featured in the Swedish version of Cars 2.

– Lightning McQueen Alive Showcase: A celebration of the innovative technology used to authentically bring the big personality of Lightning McQueen from the film screen into the playroom in miniature 1:55 scale. Product design highlights the cutting-edge micro-technology developed to create the life-like mouth, eye and shoulder movements of this little electronic vehicle that will be sure to top wish lists this coming holiday season!

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