A Charlie Brown Christmas Poster By Tom Whalen

It’s no secret that I love Tom Whalen’s prints and frequently post about his wonderful works of whimsical magical art. Tom really captures the essence of his subject matter (usually famous cartoons) with bold geometrical shapes. The final result is instantly recognizable – never under or over produced, simply perfect!

The Los Angeles based poster company, Dark Hall Mansion intrigued me a few months ago when they posted about and released Whalen’s homage to, “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. Needless to say the print sold out immediately. Although I tried to get one, my fingers were not fast enough on my keyboard to order (insert deep regrettable sigh).

Now Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook and Twitter sites have posted a festive holiday cryptic message:

“The Mansion aglow, strewn festively, if somewhat eerily with Christmas lights..from Santa’s bag comes..something special for under your trees..
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” Art by Tom Whalen.

Immediately questions rush through my head, when, how much, how many, when, when?

I will post more information about the print availability, pricing, etc. when it becomes available; until then feast your eyes on this beautifully rendered image that showcases the entire Peanut’s gang and lets us all know what Christmas is truly all about.

Two words…must have!!!

Update on purchasing:

There will be 3 Editions:

450 Standard Edition ($75)
100 Variant Edition ($125)
50 Silver Bells Edition (on metal with Variant image imprinted) ($250)

eMoviePoster.com will release all 3 editions Thursday, 12/1/11 at a random morning hour. Please visit them at www.eMoviePoster.com where on Thurs, 12/1 a specific section of their homepage will direct buyers to a dedicated page for everyone to easily checkout and complete purchases of their “A Charlie Brown Christmas” via Paypal or credit card.

The next day, Friday, 12/2, Dark Hall Mansion will also release all 3 Editions in their Store with Paypal Buy-Now buttons appearing at a random hour that morning for direct checkout.

Standard Edition

Variant Edition

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3 thoughts on “A Charlie Brown Christmas Poster By Tom Whalen

  1. Patricia says:

    Love this one!

  2. blurppy says:

    WOW! I would love this one and the Halloween one. He nailed it again!

  3. Very nice! i like this retro style!

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