Rolling Stone’s 2011 Rock & Roll Holiday Gift Guide

Check out Rolling Stone Magazine’s 2011 Rock & Roll Holiday Gift Guide featuring the best audio tech, gadgets, box sets and books for the ultimate music fan.

Here are some of my favorites:

The iVictrola’s steampunk mash-up of high- and low-tech uses the flared brass horns from vintage gramophones to create one-of-a-kind iPad and iPhone docks. They’re so popular that they sold out almost immediately from catalogs like Anthropologie and Design Within Reach. Made-craft is still accepting orders, however, and designer Matt Richmond says Anthropologie should have more by the end of the year. ($650-$1,000,

3ryan Radios turns vintage tube radios into custom-made iPod docks. The tubes convert the digital signals from the iPod into true analog ones, resulting in warmer tones and an old-fashioned listening experience, no matter your genre of music. ($175-$675,

Austria’s Pro-Ject has established a reputation as the go-to maker of affordable audiophile-level turntables. The RM-1.3 adds cutting-edge design to the list of superlatives. ($499,

The Orb Music Player is a no-frills way to stream your music collection to your stereo or any stand-alone audio source with a headphone jack and control it on your smartphone. Works with iTunes, SiriusXM Radio and Pandora. ($70,

The newest iPod Nano is the first to have multitouch screen technology and no click wheel. Larger icons make scrolling and tapping to your favorite music, workout, radio station or clock face even easier. (From $129, Hex Vision’s metal band turns your Nano into a stylish wristwatch. ($70,

The portable SoundLink connects easily to the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablets and laptops. The wireless speaker has a rechargeable battery and handles exceptionally loud volumes considering its compact size. (From $300,

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