An In Depth Interview With Mondo’s Creative Director, Justin Ishmael

Collider sat down with Mondo’s creative director, Justin Ishmael and discussed what he thought about the past year’s releases, predictions of the company’s future projects, the Mondo design process and some info about the Dark Tower project.

The in depth interview can be watched on a series of youtube videos HERE.

Some details about the Drew Struzan / Stephen King collaboration on the Dark Tower print were mentioned:

“Drew Struzan remains hard at work on that Dark Tower print Ishmael initially mentioned during the Mondo Mystery Movie screening of The Mist, and says that—“in a perfect world” and pending Stephen King’s approval—they’ll have the print ready for Comic-Con 2012, where (also “in a perfect world”) they’d have Struzan show up to sign copies.”

Looks like I will be camped out at the Mondo table during Comic Con.

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