The Avengers Movie Themed Desk

Tom Spina Designs created this amazing one of a kind Avengers movie themed desk for Grammy Award winning recording artist, Mark Hall. Mark needed a home for his fully licensed Avengers movie replica props. With that request, the design company created this desk that combines display and function – complete with glass top, decorative metal panels, accent lights and hidden compartments. Prepare to geek out and check out the cool pics and video.

The Avengers movie-themed desk is a hand crafted one of a kind piece of furniture art with a glass top and the lights engaged.

A somewhat better lit look at the desk and faux stone detailing.

The client requested a way to represent the characters Hawkeye and The Hulk. The solutions were a set of “trick arrows” under glass and a faux “gamma chamber” with a heavy-duty looking door for the Hulk.  Each contains a secret compartment with drawers and cubbies, adding functionality to the desk.

The top of the desk features a recessed display for Marvel’s officially licensed Nick Fury Needle Gun. A custom metal frame adds a finished, polished look.

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