Green Arrow TV Series Near Pilot Order At The CW

The CW is getting back into the DC Comics universe and edging close to a pilot order for a new series starring the Green Arrow.

For the uninitiated, Green Arrow is sort of Batman meets Robin Hood. He’s hooded archer who creates trick arrows with special functions (explosives, grappling, etc). Like the Dark Knight, his secret identity is a billionaire — Oliver Queen, the former mayor of the fictional Star City — and he also has a Joker-like nemesis named Bull’s Eye. The comic book debuted in 1941 and was loosely inspired by the film The Green Archer, which was based on a novel by Edgar Wallace.

The character was first introduced to CW viewers on Smallville in 2006, played by Justin Hartley, who appeared in more than 70 episodes of the long-running series as the arrow-shooting hero. The Green Arrow was reportedly first added to Smallville in a guest run as a substitute for Batman, a character whose adaptation rights are exclusive to the film franchise. (Reprinted from Entertainment Weekly)

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