McSweeney’s Issue 40

McSweeney’s first issue of 2012 features all kinds of amazing stuff so much, from so many good people, that they turned it into two beautiful little books.

McSweeney’s # 40 ($28) contains new stories from Neil Gaiman and Etgar Keret and David Vann, there is Saïd Sayrafiezadeh awaiting the uprising at Occupy Wall Street and a special compendium of the incredible writing that inspired the Egyptian Revolution, and, in its own volume and finally there is Rick Bass’s extraordinary account of a week in Rwanda.

The issue will be available in April 2012.

Published by Larry Fire

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2 thoughts on “McSweeney’s Issue 40

    1. Me too, I have a complete set starting with issue 1. Each issue is a surpise that incorporates great writing with creative bok design – A true treat every 3 months!

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