25 Page Prologue of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep To Be Included In The Wind Through The Keyhole Audiobook CD

Stephen King’s Wind Through the Keyhole audiobook CD will contain a lot more than the five-minute snippet the author read last month in Savannah. Instead, the entire 25 page prologue of the book called Lockbox will be read in its entirety.

Stephen King posted this message on his site today:

“Hey, you guys and gals: I’ve done public readings from next year’s Shining sequel a couple of times now, but if you got the idea from any of the blog posts that the audio sample at the end of the forthcoming Wind Through the Keyhole CDs is just the five-minute snippet I read last month in Savannah…think again. It’s the entire prologue of the book (called LOCKBOX). It’s 25 manuscript pages and runs a little shy of half an hour when read aloud. If you’re looking for a return to balls-to-the-wall, keep-the-lights-on horror, get ready. And don’t say you weren’t warned.”

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