Mondo Vol. 1 Book

One week ago, Mondo’s Creative Director Justin Ishmael tweeted to his followers:

I was curious about this book so I investigated and found out that Mondo created a special $200 volume that was sold exclusively at their brand new gallery opening in Austin, Texas. Each book is different and includes sections of Mondo prints that were leftover, slightly damaged or unused.

Ishmael wrote the following in the interior of the tome outlining how he got the initial idea for the project:

Included in this very rare numbered leather bound book book are sections of My Neighbor Totoro by Olly Moss, JC Richards Fortress of Solitude, Ken Taylor Gremlins variant, Tyler Stout’s Captain America and more.

Only 100 of these hardcovers were created making Mondo Vol. 1 a true collector’s item for any poster and movie fan. As of today, copies of the book are still available at the gallery. Below is a video that showcases each page of Mondo Vol. 1.

Lastly, according to Barnes and Noble another book, The Art of Mondo is slated to be released in mid July from Titan Publishing. My assumption is that this will be a coffee table art book that will include the key posters that Mondo has published over the last 14 years.

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