The Toy Story Films: An Animated Journey Hardcover Due On August 7, 2012

The tale of the Toy Story films begins with an animation studio called Pixar. Once upon a time (in 1988), Pixar released a short called Tin Toy. The success of that film, plus other shorts that Pixar had created, led the management of the Disney Studio to suggest that the Pixar artists make a feature that Disney would distribute. The result of this collaboration was Toy Story, a film that showcased the power of a new medium as an art form and entertainment.

The three Toy Story features encompass the history of the Pixar Studio and computer animated features, yet their creation has only been presented in piecemeal fashion–until now. The Toy Story Films: An Animated Journey by Charles Solomon the internationally respected critic and historian of animation recounts the origin and growth of one of the most significant and successful franchises in Hollywood history.

Readers who peer inside this toy box will discover interviews with the animators, directors, and voice actors who brought the films to life; artwork that inspired, grew into, or became a part of the iconic movies; and untold details of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that the filmmakers experienced while creating such unforgettable characters. This book is a must for anyone who has ever wondered what toys do after humans leave the playroom!

The 192 page hardcover will be available on August 7, 2012.

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