Harry Potter eBooks Finally Available

J.K. Rowling’s seven Harry Potter books are now available in e-book form for the first time ever on her Pottermore website. The prices reflect the length of the novels; books one through three are priced at $7.99, while the four remaining novels are $9.99. The eBooks are compatible with major electronic e-readers, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s eReader, as well as other tablets and mobile phones.

By selling the books on her own site, Rowling will retain the majority of the profits, rather than sharing a sizable chunk with third parties, as is usually the case with e-book sales.

Customers will still be able to download the books via other retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Google onto devices like the Kindle, NOOK, Sony Reader, and Google Play. The books are not yet available through Apple.

The content side of the Pottermore website, which promises an interactive experience of the Harry Potter universe, is still in beta testing and slated to go live in April.

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