The Mystique of Mondo & How It’s Changing The Face of Movie Posters

If you are a movie poster collector then you probably have heard of the legendary artists and designers: Drew Struzan, Saul Bass and Frank Frazetta but you may not know the names: Tyler Stout, Olly Moss or Kevin Tong…yet.

Poster aficionado and Slashfilm writer, Germain Lussier wrote this great article about Mondo, the Austin based print boutique that produces highly sought after collectible, limited-edition movie posters.

I have been collecting Mondo prints for a couple of years and it can be a frustrating but highly satisfying experience. Yes, you may have to sit at a computer and refresh the screen a few thousand times. Most times a print sells out in a few moments and slips through your fingers but when your order goes through if you’re one of the few hundred lucky ones, you experience a “Golden Ticket” moment and know that in a few weeks a tube will be delivered to your front door with an affordable highly prized, quality print of one of your favorite films!

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