Caine’s Arcade – Watch This, It Will Make You Smile

A chance encounter with 9-year-old Caine Monroy and his meticulously crafted cardboard arcade inspired filmmaker Nirvan Mullick — his first and only “customer” — to start a Facebook page, invite all of Los Angeles and make Caine’s day.

Update: After his cardboard arcade became a viral sensation, 9-year-old Caine Monroy was invited to visit pinball shop Pins & Needles, where owner Molly introduced him to pro flipper and the world champ Keith Elwin. Then, she offered Caine his choice of vintage pinball machines, valued at up to $3,000 for his arcade. (Caine has yet to decide which machine to call his own.)

Meanwhile, donors from around the world have pledged more than $150,000 for Caine’s Scholarship Fund, announced just five days ago by filmmaker Nirvan Mullick to help send Caine to college.

Finally, the Caine’s Arcade Facebook page has two intriguing announcements: Official T-shirts are in the works (so don’t be fooled by knockoffs), and the Caine’s Arcade Theme Song is available for download, with 100 percent of profits going toward the Scholarship Fund.

Update 2: To assist more kids like Caine, the Goldhirsh Foundation is matching donations to Caine’s Scholarship Fund dollar-for-dollar (up to $250,000). This additional money will help find, fund and foster creativity and entrepreneurship in young children.

For this reason, the goal of Caine’s Scholarship Fund has been raised from $100,000 to $250,000. Every dollar you donate to Caine’s education will now help even more kids.

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