The 1960s Era Manhattan Apartment of Mad Men’s Don Draper

The Los Angeles Times blog, L.A. at Home, recently ran an article describing the background behind Mad Men character Don Draper’s 1960s era Manhattan-based high-rise apartment and the origin of its vintage mid-century furnishings.

Apartment 17-B, right, set decorator Claudette Didul said, is “in a high-rise that feels like it was built in 1960 with a white-carpeted sunken living room and a fascinating fireplace and a Case Study-style kitchen with two pass through windows.”

It also sports walnut cabinetry with a built-in television set and one of those new-fangled-for-the-time push-button phones.

Didul said Draper’s love of sleek modern lines and high-tech gadgetry and manly appointments (leather lounge chair, countertop cocktail bar with a drum-shaped ice bucket) is contrasted with his new wife Megan’s youthful taste and love of color.

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