Early Sketches of 11 Famous Cartoon Characters

Flavorwire scoured the web to search for early sketches of some of our favorite cartoon characters. These first renderings are somewhat strange to behold — faces seem distorted, eyes seem too big, and familiar characters have a foreign air.

Click HERE to check out the debut sketches of Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, and more.

Mickey Mouse

Woody & Buzz, Toy Story

Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Simpsons

Yogi Bear

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2 thoughts on “Early Sketches of 11 Famous Cartoon Characters

  1. I always loved to see the concept art of the cartoon characters, and i search them on internet or on the dvd, extra bonus, but not always find them. I never saw before the Toy Story concept, great!
    Have you ever see the first Betty Boop?? Dog version?

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