Three New Character Banners From The Dark Knight Rises

Here is your first look at three new character banners from “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final chapter of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Each banner shows one of the three lead characters — Catwoman, Batman, and Bane — facing the camera against an ominous sky as rain and debris fall down on them. Notably, each figure has their eyes hidden in shadow, giving them an impenetrable air of mystery. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what does it mean that we can’t see theirs? It gives the impression that the battle for Gotham City could come with a cost: either their lives, or their very humanity.

This poster featuring Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle gives one of the best looks yet at her catsuit. You can see the textured fabric, her belt (which looks not too dissimilar to Batman’s utility belt), and the goggles that hide her face and give the appearance of cat’s ears on her head.

Here is Tom Hardy as Bane, Batman’s intimidating nemesis in the film. Costume designer Lindy Hemming told British GQ that Bane’s signature jacket took her a year to design and construct. She said, “Bane was meant to look like a cross between a dictator and a revolutionary.” Christopher Nolan also revealed that the mask that Bane wears is meant to deliver a pain-relieving anesthetic. He explained, “Bane is ravaged by pain from a trauma suffered long ago.”

Christian Bale stands tall as Batman in the third banner. Bale has gone on record as saying this will be his final outing as the Caped Crusader, which has led some to wonder if Bruce Wayne will survive his ultimate battle. The tagline on the poster — “The Legend Ends” — seems pretty definitive that this chapter will be the last, but in the image Batman sure looks like he isn’t leaving without a fight.

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