Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger, A Burger-Shaped Ice Cream Novelty

Carl’s Jr. is testing out a new product called the Ice Cream Brrrger ($1.99) in Orange County, California.

The Brrrger is a burger-shaped ice cream novelty consisting of chocolate ice cream and green, yellow and red “icing condiments” sandwiched between two sugar cookies.

Once the testing wraps up and the sales data is analyzed, Carl’s Jr. will decide whether to roll out the item nationwide.

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One thought on “Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger, A Burger-Shaped Ice Cream Novelty

  1. I vote “no”. The chocolate ice cream doesn’t even seem like it would taste good with sugar cookies. And, the condiment goo just looks disgusting. I’ve seen better ice cream burgers before. I don’t think this will pass the test at all!

    Carl’s Jr’s Oreo ice cream sandwich is great though.

    My website has some pretty cool looking and good tasting free recipes for ice cream tacos and even an ice cream hot dog. Maybe sometime I will attempt an ice cream burger, but one that looks and tastes good too.

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