Chip Kidd Discusses Batman: Death By Design

With “Batman: Death By Design,” graphic designer Chip Kidd lives out his childhood dream as the writer of his very own Batman story. Kidd has worked extensively with DC Comics over the years, most recently designing covers for “All-Star Batman and Robin,” “All-Star Superman” and “Final Crisis.”

Set in the 1930s, “Death by Design” explores Gotham as it undergoes one of the most expansive construction booms in the city’s history. Inspired by two real world events — the demolition of the original Pennsylvania Station in 1963 and the fatal construction crane collapses in midtown Manhattan of 2008 — Kidd asks what if, despite the years separating the incidents, they were somehow connected? And what if they happened in Gotham City, during a glorious golden age when a caped crusader protected its streets?

Comic Book Resources Interviewed Chip Kidd about the highly anticipated graphic novel that is due on June 5th.

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