Tom Holland To Adapt Stephen King’s Ten O’Clock People

The original Fright Night director Tom Holland is no stranger to the works of Stephen King. The two collaborated back in the 90s, on the TV series The Langoliers and the film Thinner, both of which Holland directed.

1996’s Thinner was Holland’s last theatrical feature, but now he’ll be returning to the big screen to adapt yet another King short story, The Ten O’Clock People.

The main character, Brandon Pearson, is a smoker trying hard to quit for health reasons. He discovers a horrible aspect of reality that only those attempting to quit like him are capable of seeing – that many of the people living among us in positions of power, including many police officers and political figures and even the Vice President of the United States, are in fact inhuman monsters disguised as people.

A unique chemical imbalance, caused by his smoking only on his morning break (thus the reference to Ten O’ Clock in the title) makes him able to see the true nature of these creatures through their disguises.

Brandon and his fellow “ten o’clock people,” folks who also used to take a morning smoke break, have to stand their ground against these monsters when they find out they’ve been discovered.

The Ten O’Clock People was published in the short story collection, Nightmares & Dreamscapes in 1993. Unlike many of King’s stories which take place in fictional places like Castle Rock, Maine, this tale occurs in Boston, Massachusetts.

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