A Stephen King Tour of Bangor, Led By An Expert

Stu Tinker has spent nearly 40 years living and breathing Stephen King; first as a fan, then as co-owner with his wife, Penney, of Betts Bookstore in Bangor, and now as the foremost Stephen King tour guide for Bangor — aka Derry — on his own SK Tours.

Tinker, who until 2009 ran Betts Bookstore, where he specialized in all things King, leads tours nearly every day of the week in the warmer months and quite a few in the winter, as well. There are just that many King fans who want to come to Bangor to see for themselves the inspiration for so many iconic scenes in his books and movies — from Bangor International Airport, the setting for the TV movie of “The Langoliers,” to the Bangor Auditorium, known as the Derry Civic Center in the book “Insomnia.”

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