TV’s Top 50 Sci-Fi Characters

Mad scientists and mechanical men, space cowboys and time travelers,  man-monsters and man-eating aliens — clearly this is our kind of crowd. Hero Complex came up with a list of 50 essential characters from the sci-fi small screen. Check them out HERE.

Here is a personal favorite: Col. Steve Austin, “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1974): It was the best $6 million the military-industrial complex ever spent. A nasty crash destroyed the body of red-blooded Air Force officer Steve Austin but, as Oscar Goldman of the Office of Scientific Intelligence told weekly viewers of “The Six Million Dollar Man”: “We can rebuild him, we have the technology…” With bionic legs, arms and eye, Austin (Lee Majors) was running with fast company on the show, including Bigfoot, Larry Csonka and Jaime Sommers.

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