Dark Knight Themed Two Million Dollar Custom Home Theater

Elite Home Theater Seating provided a sneak peek at their new $2 million dollar “Dark Knight” themed custom home theater that is being built for a private residence in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“The Dark Knight themed custom home theater was actually a design concept we did free of charge for one of our previous clients, mainly just for fun,” said Elite Home Theater Seating’s CEO Bobby Bala. “Personally, I’m a huge Batman fan and with a background in CG animation, we were able to finish up the design within a couple weeks. Before starting, I told this particular client we’d do the design as long as he promised to buy the home theater seating from us – which he did. 

Since the construction of the theater will not be completed until November 2012, the images presently available for the media and public are CG images,” concluded Bala.

The ornately detailed study of the 12,000 square foot private Greenwich home installing the new Dark Knight custom home theater echoes the cozy confines of Wayne Manor itself.

The study, complete with a stately Grandfather clock, is flanked by bookshelves upon which sits a bust of William Shakespeare – and with a clockwise turn of the writer’s head – the Grandfather clock swings open to reveal the elevator doors. A real fingerprint scan is required to gain access to the elevator.

Stepping into the cylindrical stainless steel elevator a glowing Bat symbol pulsates at the bottom of the button panel. To the left of the symbol, is the letter “B” that stands for Batcave. After pressing the iconic glowing bat symbol, the elevator descends and the floor-to-ceiling mirrors on either side of the elevator come alive by displaying various body scanning graphics. Once the elevator occupants have been properly “identified”, a robotic female voice states over the intercom system, “Security Clearance Granted”. The elevator doors slide open with a hydraulic hum.

Entering the subterranean batcave home theater, the first noticeable detail is the backlit, highly detailed, life-size Batsuit standing at attention across the room. With a total of six Batsuits placed throughout the cavernous lair, the custom home theater almost resembles a secret underground, medieval armoury.

On the left of the custom home theater is an enormous 180” film screen with Batsuits on each side. Art Deco-inspired architecture and an assortment of gothic pieces such as large, winged gargoyles tie-in the Gotham City theme. Walking towards the screen are bookcases that look similar to the study bookshelves upstairs, but with the pull of a secret book, these bookshelves slide open to reveal a life-size replica of the Batmobile Tumbler that is 15 feet long and nearly 10 feet wide. A mock, secret tunnel exit is approximately 30 feet long and ends as it turns a corner. At the rear of the theater is a large gas fireplace with “Batcomputer” stations on either side. Various “techie” graphics are displayed on the large screens as well as images of some of Batman’s arch enemies. The sleek and sexy custom theater chairs made by Elite Home Theater Seating are race car inspired and would not look out of place in any one of the Dark Knight’s various vehicles.

Here is a shot with the bookcases open, revealing the Batmobile in a hidden secret room, complete with its own tunnel exit.

The rear view shows the home theater equipment displayed out in the open beside the elevator, along with the Batcomputer.

Bookcases open shows off the super cool Tumbler.

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