Make Your Geek Dream A Reality With ThinkGeek’s IdeaFactory

ThinkGeek, purveyors of all gadgets, toys and geeky things just announced “ThinkGeek IdeaFactory”.

Let’s say you have an idea for the next geeky product…

You simply submit your idea in writing with an image of the future product. ThinkGeek reviews your idea, make sure it passes the caveats, and responds within 60 days.

If they choose to make the product you get paid an advance of $1000 and then 10% of retail sales for the life of the product up to $1 million in Net Sales. When your product reaches $1 million, the rate drops to 5%.. Royalties will be paid quarterly. I

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to purchase any quantity of the product at a reasonable price just above cost (excluding shipping).

You’ll be free to sell that product on your own website or when you make public appearances at conventions, trade shows, or other public events.

Click HERE for more information and to begin the process that leads to your fortune and fame!

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