Bose Introduces The Solo TV Sound System

Today, Bose introduced the Solo TV sound system, an unobtrusive, single speaker designed specifically for watching television. The Bose Solo system dramatically improves the dialogue, music, action and sound effects from everyday programming, takes just one connection to the TV, and fits neatly under many TVs.

The Bose Solo TV sound system measures just 2.8” high x 20.7” wide and just over 12” deep -– yet it delivers detailed, wide, even sound using proprietary Bose digital signal processing and Bose speaker array technology. Owners will hear program audio clearly and naturally, even at lower volumes.

The Bose Solo TV system will work with any TV, but was designed for placement under flat-panel televisions that have a base up to 20” wide and 10.25” deep — requirements met by TVs with screens up to 32” and many 40” to 42” televisions.

Set-up and use is simple. The Bose Solo TV system connects to a television with just one cable and one plug to the wall. No additional equipment, wiring or adjustments is required. A remote control is included, and the system can also be operated by most universal remotes.

The Bose Solo TV system will be available from Bose for $399.95 beginning August 30, 2012.


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