Disney D-Tech 3D-Printed Princess Figurines

The D-Tech Me Princess experience officially opened on August 26th in the World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Ordinary girls can now become princesses with the aid of photo scanners and 3-D printers.

During the 10-minute experience, several cameras instantly capture multiple angles of a guest’s face which are reconstructed in a computer for processing. The “princess in waiting” can choose one of seven different Disney Princesses including Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. Hair, skin and eye color of the figurine are customized to match the guest.

A Princess silver link necklace with choice of colored gem charm is also included for participants.

The completed figurine is then shipped directly to the guest’s home within five to six weeks. Each seven-inch Princess figurine is $99.95 (plus $15.95 shipping. Canadian and International shipping begins at $75.00). Guests can order additional replica seven-inch figurines for $74.95 each or a three-inch replica for $39.95.

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One thought on “Disney D-Tech 3D-Printed Princess Figurines

  1. blurppy says:

    Can’t WAIT to see what your daughter’s looks like…

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