The Architecture Alphabet By Stephen Wildish

Stephen Wildish designed an architecture themed poster exclusively for 99% Invisible, based on his extremely popular “alphabet” poster series. The puzzle is a perfect diversion for architecture fans who enjoy minimalist art.

ANSWERS: A-Angkor Wat; B-Bauhaus; C-Chrysler Building; D-Dulles International Airport; E-Empire State Building; F-Falling Water; G-Golden Gate Bridge; H-Hagia Sophia; I(?)-Kofukuji Temple; J-John Hancock Center; K-Kauffman House;  L-Lever House; M-Metropolitan Correctional Center; N-Neuschwanstein Castle; O-Old South Meeting House; P-Parthenon; Q-Quetzalcoatl (Temple of Kukulcan); R-Ronchamp Chapel; S-Sears Tower; T-Transamerica Pyramid; U-UN Building; V-Palace of Versailles; W-Watts Towers; X-Great Mosque of Xi’an; Y-Yokohama Ferry Station; Z-Zollverein

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One thought on “The Architecture Alphabet By Stephen Wildish

  1. Thank you for the post, I have been trying to figure out L, R, X, and Z for years.

    I came up with Itsukushima Pagoda for ‘I’ and Old North Church for ‘O’. I initially thought O was the meeting house as well but if you really examine the church and house vs the poster the minor difference point to the church. Funny that they are both in Boston though.

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