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Salem’s Lot Movie Poster by Rodolfo Reyes

Rodolfo Reyes rendered this retro style print to pay homage to Stephen King’s novel and film, Salem’s Lot.

The poster is hand numbered and is limited to only 50 pieces. The high quality Giclée print costs £40.00 (roughly $65 US) and measures 16.5″ X 23.5″ inches.

You can check out Rodolfo’s other artwork HERE and follow him on twitter@rodolforever.

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The 10 Best DC Animated Films

September 25th marks the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1, a two-film adaptation of Frank Miller’s paradigm-shifting graphic novel from the mid-1980s.

While we are eagerly awaiting that Blu-ray release, Paste Magazine has posted 10 of the best DC animated films from the past two decades.

Read the list HERE and see if you agree? Any films missing?

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