To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the DC Universe relaunch, all September issues will feature #0 issues that will explore the history of DC characters from before the relaunch.

Batman # 0 ($2.99) will feature a young Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham, establishing his life and role before moving back into the Manor and taking over Wayne Industries. And before formally becoming Batman. Some of what we see here will have major ramifications in later stories.

Writer Scott Snyder promises this will not be a rehash of Batman: Year One and will have new allies, enemies, twists, and a few surprises!

With art by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion, this issue reveals the early steps of building everything that surrounds Batman – the costume, the cave, the car, the gadgets!

Look for Batman # 0 at your local comic store or e-Reader on September 12th. Get an advance look at the comic HERE.

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